Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year!

I am continuing to teach the Yoga and Meditation class on Thursday evenings from 6-7:30pm. 
Thanks to all who attended this evening.  
This evening we focus on poses that clear the mind and meditation on inspirational passages as suggested by Eknath Easwaran. Eknath states that slow, sustained concentration on these passages drives them deep into our minds. And whatever we drive deep into consciousness, that we become." Or as the Buddha says, "All that we are is the result of what we have thought." 
Eknath compiled a book of passages from many Spiritual traditions.  The title of this book is God Makes the Rivers to Flow from the Sacred Literature of the World Chosen for Daily Meditation
Following is the Prayer of St Francis (which I shared in class this evening)
Lord make me an instrument of thy peace;
Where there is hatred let me sow love,
Where there is injury pardon,
Where there is doubt let me sow faith,
Where there is despair let me sow hope,
Where there is darkness let me sow light,
Where there is sadness let me sow joy
Oh divine master grant that I might not so much seek to
Be consoled as console,
be understood as to understand,
be loved as to love,
For it is in giving that we receive,
It is in pardoning that we are pardoned,
It is in dying to self that we are bore to eternal life
Here is another passage from the book:
Songs of Sri Ramakrishna
Dwell, O mind, within yourself;
Enter no other’s home.
If you but seek there, you will find
All you are searching for.
God, the true Philosopher’s Stone,
Who answers every prayer,
Lies hidden deep within your heart,
The richest gem of all.
How many pearls and precious stones
Are scattered all about
The outer court that lies before
The chamber of your heart!

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  1. Very nice. This passage is one of my favorites. Thanks for posting. Loved the class!