Monday, March 26, 2012

One Day Spring Renewal Retreat!

Please Join me and some of YogaLife Institutes most inspiring Yoga instructors for a One Day Spring Renewal Retreat!
I am so excited to spend the day with my lovely friends; practice yoga, eat amazing, fresh, local, organic and sometime Wild food and reconnect with myself and nature. I'm breathing deeper just thinking about it!
Bring your Mom (It's Mother's day weekend), sister, daughter, husband  
Saturday, May 12th
Aryaloka Buddhist Center, Newmarket, NH (This place is amazing, check it out under Links I Like...)
See link for more details and register online:
Spring Renewal Retreat

Prayer in Nature - Our Topic in Yoga/Meditation class this week

In "The American Scholar," Ralph Waldo Emerson defines three stages for the Transcendentalist's life.

1. One studies the wisdom of the past. In terms of meditation, a review of major mystics satisfies study of the past.
2. Spiritualize life by communing with nature and learning to listen to the divine from within one's self. This idea closely resembles the Yogic thought of stilling one's mind in order to gain an understanding of higher aspects of one's self and reality. Mystics assert that divinity can be found from within.
3. After self-renewal, one works toward the renewal of society at large.

Join Us: 6:00-7:30 at Blue Moon Yoga - Weather permitting, we will practice outside
Dress appropriately and bring a towel if you don't want to put you mat on the ground.