Thursday, March 10, 2011

Feeding the Bliss Body

Last weeks class focused on the Kosha's. The Koshas is a  Yogic term for the different energetic layers of our being.
The five layers begin with our grossest energetic layers of mater and move out to our most subtle energetic layers.
The five layers are:
1) Physical,
2) Bio-energetic/breath,
3) Mental/emotional,
4) Wisdom,
5) Bliss body.
Each having it's unique set of characteristics and nutritional requirements (See the attached image compliments of iytyogatherapy). Each layer being affected by the more subtle layer within.

While teaching this class we discovered that in practicing Yoga together in the weeks past, focusing on each layer of our energetic body, we had been building up to connecting with the Bliss Body.  We had, within our community, been feeding all the energetic layers of our bodies what they needed to be ready to open up to this experience.  To be open to peace, the knowing of our natural Self, which is whole and connected to the source and essence of creation, unified and one with all.  This was truly palpable within class.
Yogis believe that when we practice Yoga, we are practicing with all of the spiritual masters who have come before us and have yet to come.  And, what I experienced was an accumulation of our practice as a community being feed into this class.  It was truly Blissful....
Namaste to all, (The light in me honors the light in you)

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